Short-Term Rental Registration

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Effective December 15, 2021, all short-term rentals within the City of St. Ignace are required to obtain a permit from the City. The City's Short-Term Rental Ordinance can be found here. Short-term rentals are limited to 50 in residential zones; any applications received beyond that limit will be added to a waiting list. No person may hold more than 3 short-term rental permits. All short-term rentals must complete an application and be inspected by the City's Building Inspector, according to the Short-Term Rental Inspection Checklist

  • Category 1 Rentals: Owner Occupied
    • Bed and Breakfast is an owner-occupied single-family dwelling unit, which is the principal residence of the owner, and said owner shall live on the premises when the short-term rental of a sleeping room is active. AND,
    • Owner-occupied, two (2) or more dwelling units where the owner resides on a property which is their principal residence, but where the owner does not live in the dwelling unit rented by the guest but lives in a dwelling unit under the same roof such as a duplex, triplex, or apartment building, or on the same parcel, such as an accessory dwelling unit, when the Short-term rental is active.
    • Must obtain an annual permit. $250.00/year
  • Category 2 Rentals: Not Owner-occupied
    • The Short-term Rental is on property that is not the property owner's principal residence, or where the property owner resides on a different property or parcel than the one occupied by the guest when the Short-term Rental is active. 
    • Category 2 rentals in residential zones require notification to neighboring property owners.
    • Must obtain an annual permit. $350.00/year

Questions? Please contact the City Manager's Office at or (906) 643-9671 x3.