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St. Ignace History

Our St. Ignace, Michigan History dates back more than 300 years and is rich with Native American (Ojibwa, Huron, Odawa), Europeans, French, and American history. It is the third oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States and has always thrived because of its rich soil and active waterways enabling farming, travel and trade. Jacques Marquette was a priest and French explorer that established a mission in St. Ignace in the year of 1671. The city was named after St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit religion. The Jesuits left in 1705 and the English then took over. After the American Revolutionary War ended, the village of St. Ignace became an official part of the United States of America.

St. Ignace was incorporated as a village on Feb 23rd, 1882 and a year later was a city. The year of 1882 also brought new opportunities to the area. Railroads connecting St. Ignace to Detroit became a key area of industry for the area shipping out iron-ore and lumber down state. In the early 1900s, commercial fishing also thrived and accommodations, docks and businesses were established along the shoreline.
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These historical events help develop St. Ignace into the successful and beautiful city it is today. St. Ignace offers an endless amount of business opportunities along with it being a vacation wonderland for those in search of beaches, boating, waterfilled activities, golfing, shopping, fishing, skiing, history, entertainment, and more!

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