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Where can you fish in St. Ignace if you do not have a boat?

Fishing is allowed at the Lighthouse Pier only. There is no fishing allowed at the St. Ignace Marina or at the St. Ignace Boat Launch.

Where are bicycles and roller bladders allowed in the city?

Bicycles and roller bladders are only allowed on the sidewalk on the east side of the downtown area and on the street. Due to the heavy traffic flow of pedestrians and store fronts with doors opening to the sidewalk, they are not allowed on the west side sidewalks.

Can I ride in the back of a pickup truck?

Young people under age 18 cannot ride in the open bed of a pickup truck traveling more than 15 mph. The law allows exceptions for vehicles used by farmers, construction workers, the military, in parades and by authorized emergency and rescue personnel.

Can I use a cell phone while driving?

Beginning July 1, 2010, Michigan Law goes into effect that will prohibit a person from reading, typing or sending text messages using a wireless two-way communication device, including a wireless phone located in a person's hand or lap, while operating a moving motor vehicle.  A violation is a civil infraction that results in a $100 fine for a first offence and a $200 fine for a subsequent offense.

What are the weather conditions for the Mackinac Bridge?

The link below will take you to the Mackinac Bridge Authority Web Cam.  You will also be able to get information about the bridge and the Labor Day Bridge walk.

If I need a copy of a police report, what are the fees?

Fees for a report from the St. Ignace Police Department are collected on an individual case by case basis depending on the report.  Upon inquiring for a report, you will be advised to the cost.

My teenager is ready to take drivers training classes, where can I find more information about what to expect?

St. Ignace LaSalle High School will have information about classes and driving schools.  The complete guide for parents from the Michigan Secretary of State is listed follows:




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