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The goals of the City of St. Ignace are:
- Create an optimum living environment for the present and future residents of the community, while offering a variety, choice, and opportunity for change and individual growth.

- Continue to promote better jobs and more year-round employment opportunities

- Develop the City in a manner that conserves natural features and environmentally sensitive areas while meeting the needs of the community

- Encourage public involvement in decision making

- Become leaders in cooperative efforts with other governmental units through joint meetings, intergovernmental agreements and shared awareness of proposed development issues

- Develop the downtown waterfront in a way that will enhance the beauty of the City

- Encourage cultural and entertainment activities that appeal to the community

- Strive for educational excellence and keep our schools strong

- Offer housing opportunities for a diverse socio-economic population

- Always balance the rights of the individual property owners with the needs of the public interest

- Celebrate and preserve our unique history

City of St. Ignace
396 N. State Street
St. Ignace, MI 49781-1487

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