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The St. Ignace City Council consists of six Council Members and a Mayor. Each Council Member serves for a four-year period, alternating elections every two years in conjunction with the Mayoral election. Every two years, one-half (3) of the Council seats are vacated. Any City resident, in good standing with the City, may run for office, provided that he/she is a registered voter in the City and has been a City resident for two full years from the last day for filing original petition.

The City Council holds their regular meetings the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers-see Council Minutes for dates. Any special meetings will be posted herein.


Connie Litzner, Mayor
(906) 430-5264
Exp. 11/21



Robert St. Louis, Council Member / Mayor ProTem
(906) 643-8453 - Exp. 11/23

Jim Clapperton, Council Member
(906) 643-8158 - Exp. 11/21

Jay Tremble, Council Member
(906) 643-8895 - Exp. 11/21

Paul Fullerton, Council Member
(906) 643-7161 - Exp. 11/23

William LaLonde, Council Member
(906)    - Exp. 11/23

Kayla Pelter, Council Member
(906) 984-2271 - Exp. 11/21


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