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City of St. Ignace Assessor's Duties:

Single Property Appraisal

Mass Appraisals


The City Assessor is required to annually prepare an assessment roll for the assessing unit in accordance with General Property Tax Law and the legislatively mandated level of valuation as required by the Michigan Constitution. Two most important requirements must be achieved, as nearly as possible: The assessments must be uniform and they must be at the required percentage of value as stated in the tax laws.

In accordance with the tax laws, the City holds Board of Review (BOR) meetings three times annually. Citizens are welcome to attend the March BOR to appeal their assessments. The City’s March Board is held on the 3rd. Monday and Tuesday of March.

There is also a July BOR meeting held only for clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact on the summer tax bill. The July meetings are on the Tuesday following the third Monday of July.

Finally, the December BOR meeting, held only for clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact on the winter tax bill. The December meeting is held on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December.

The City Assessor must determine the Taxability of property, establish the ownership of the property, keep current the description of property, both real and personal and value property using all appropriate appraisal techniques.

The City Assessor has three traditional appraisal techniques to use when estimating the value of property: the cost approach, the market or direct comparison approach and the income approach.

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